our work is our passion. Each member of our team has experience working on campaigns or in different advocacy organizations. This is not just what we do, it’s who we are.

Our commitment to

Identity theft is a constant threat worldwide. The information entrusted to your compliance professionals (employee files, tax ids, banking information, etc.) is sensitive and at MBA we take security seriously.

MBA screens all employees and contractors using the same vetting system used by US Senate and other national campaigns. In addition, each employee is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits the use or dissemination in any form of any information they receive incidental to their position with MBA. And finally, we have the following policies, procedures and tools to further safeguard your data:

• Secure online file storage
• Alarm systems and office monitoring by SimpliSafe™
• LastPass Enterprise™ password vault
• Certified secure shredding service through Iron Mountain®
• All mobile devices secured by Absolute® LoJack™
• Semiannual reviews of our workplace security by outside consultants specializing in cyber security
• Paper files/check stock is secured in locked cabinets/files

Further, if the unthinkable happens and there is a data breach, your data is covered by our insurance and we will work with you to mitigate any damage and control.

Our commitment to

Treasury and compliance services are provided by a largely unregulated community of practitioners. This means among other things that, unlike professionals such as CPAs or Tax Preparers, compliance professionals are not required to continuously stay abreast of changes in the laws governing Political Action Committees, Candidates and Non-profits through Continuing Education.

At MBA, in addition to any continuing education required by a team member’s licensure, every employee is required to complete no less than 10 hours of continuing education per year. This ensures that as the laws change, we will be there to help your organization stay on top of it.

Our commitment to

Far from the paper files and manual entry used by our competitors, our systems make your records available over the cloud and accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

By going digital, there are fewer issues with lost files or data entry errors. This ensures your records are accurate and available when you need them.

giving back

At MBA we believe in our clients and we believe in what we do.
Our staff has mandatory “in-service” days each year when they may volunteer with any organization that inspires them.
As a company, we reserve 10% of our net profits for charitable giving.