Steve Mele

Steve Mele is a non-profit accounting and compliance professional with over 20 years’ experience, the last 15 years working specifically with civil rights and political organizations. Mr. Mele is an entrepreneur who began and grew a private practice serving various non-profit organizations, federal, state and local candidates, and various political action committees. As a tax professional he is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service providing tax preparation and consulting for individuals, partnerships, corporations and various non-profit entities since 2006. The following is a partial list of Mr. Mele’s clients and accomplishments:

Treasurer for 3 largest grossing “No on California's Proposition 8” committees in 2008

Director of Compliance for several US Senate Campaigns including Shelley Berkley for US Senate (NV, 2012), Peters for Michigan (MI, 2014), Markey for Senate (MA, 2014), David Alameel for US Senate (TX, 2014)

Director of Compliance for the federal and state PACs of the California League of Conservation Voters and Equality California and the federal PAC of USAction

Director of Compliance for several congressional campaigns including Friends of Pete Gallego, Castro for Congress, Belgard for Congress and Filemon Vela for Congress

Director of Finance for several multi-entity, non-profit organizations including USAction, Equality California, Equality Federation, and Strengthening Our Lives (SOL). Developed and implemented IRS compliant accounting systems for cost sharing between related entities under IRC Sections 501(c)3, 501(c)4 and 527

Lectured on non-profit accounting and compliance for Equality Federation and its member organizations, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee and its member organizations, USAction and its member organization and Battleground Texas.