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We provide superior compliance services to the political and non-profit communities. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. Have more? Contact us!

What is Political Compliance?

Political Compliance, also known as Political Finance Compliance or just Compliance, is a specific type of bookkeeping and reporting service that assists political candidates, their campaigns and political committees with compliance with various state and federal campaign finance reform laws and regulations. At the federal level, the Federal Election Commission ( is the regulatory body to which all federal campaigns and committees must report. However, most states and many cities and counties have their own campaign finance reform.

What services does MBA Consulting Group offer its clients?

MBA Consulting Group is a political compliance firm. We are experts in the laws and regulations governing the raising and spending of funds by political entities including candidates, political action committees and non-profits. We provide bookkeeping services including managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliation of campaign reports to standard accounting books. We also provide additional services including managing payroll, assisting with insurance and creating internal controls.

How do you train to do political compliance?

Unlike other professions such as accounting and law, political compliance has no formal training or licensure. At MBA we approach training seriously. New employees complete a 2-week curriculum after which they are paired with a more senior member of staff as their “mentor”. We embrace the long held tradition of apprenticeship, whereby more experienced staff help new staff to understand the work and learn our internal procedures.

Does MBA Consulting Group do taxes?

We do! We do taxes as an add on to our other services such as compliance and bookkeeping as well as a stand alone service. We specialize in non-profit as well as other business tax returns and taxes for individuals. Please see our tax services page for more information or to make an appointment.

What types of clients does MBA Consulting Group work with?

We work with progressive political and non-profit entities and Democratic federal and state candidates for public office. We also work with some for-profit entities that have a mission that is consistent with and ties into the progressive community as a whole.

How does MBA Consulting Group keep its clients' information safe?

As we saw in 2016, large, sophisticated global actors are interested in interfering in the U. S. electoral process. Although we cannot hope to compete against such unimaginable odds, we are constantly training our staff on cyber security techniques and instituting the latest recommended policies and programs. MBA implements the following policies, procedures and tools to further safeguard your data:
• Secure online file storage
• Alarm systems and office monitoring by SimpliSafe™
• LastPass Enterprise™ password vault
• Certified secure shredding service through The Shredding Company, Inc.
• All mobile devices secured by Absolute® LoJack™
• Semiannual reviews of our workplace security by outside consultants specializing in cyber security
• Paper files/check stock are/is secured in locked cabinets/files

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